About Pesky Paws

Pesky Paws is a veteran-owned, family-run wildlife control provider located in Alpena, Michigan. As a licensed and insured wildlife animal control company, Pesky Paws provides humane removal of animals, pests, and other wildlife within residential, commercial, and government buildings.

Pesky Paws specializes in the live capture, transport, and release of wildlife and pests, including bats, rodents, raccoons, snakes, skunks, etc. Check our Services page for more information.

Our Mission

The Pesky Paws mission is to resolve conflicts between people and wildlife in the most humane way possible. Pesky Paws fulfills this mission by specializing in comprehensive wildlife control, including wildlife pest control and animal removal.

Though we primarily serve the greater northeast Michigan area, we are committed to traveling to any residential, commercial, or government client in need of our services


We pride ourselves on working with the best wildlife control professionals in the business – and we can’t wait for you to meet them!

Duane Haske, Owner

Portrait of Duane Haske, the Owner.

Mary Haske, Office Manager

Portrait of Mary Haske

Jessica Haske, Adver & Marketing

Portrait of Jessica Haske, Adver & Marketing

Dustin Haske, Wildlife Technician

Portrait of Dustin Haske
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